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Covid Recovery Certificates

If you have tested positive and are using the NHS App, your COVID passport will not be available for at least 14 days post the date you were confirmed as having a positive test result.

Since November anyone who had a positive PCR test could get a recovery certificate from Day 11 (via the NHS App or the website).  This can exempt the holder from further PCR testing as any test may be positive for weeks or months after infection.  It is our understanding that the new self-reported lateral flows do not have the same legal basis and so recovery certificates will not be provided.  Patients testing positive may wish to source their own private PCRs if they have imminent travel plans that require a PCR test (or exemption through recovery) prior to travel.

Please be advised that the surgery can not provide recovery letters for travel.

Please call 119 or visit the UK Government website for more information.

Using your NHS COVID Pass for travel abroad and at venues and settings in England – guidance is regularly updated


Date published: 8th February, 2022
Date last updated: 8th February, 2022