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Children under 18 and the NHS COVID Pass

If you’re aged 5 to 17 years old, you can get an NHS COVID Pass for travel if you’re going abroad.

Children under 5 cannot get an NHS COVID Pass. They may need to show proof of a negative test when travelling.

You do not need an NHS COVID Pass to go to domestic events and venues in England.

If you’re going abroad, check the foreign travel advice page at GOV.UK to find out the entry requirements of the country you’re visiting.

Age 5 to 11  :  You can use the Get your NHS COVID Pass letter service for a child aged 5 or over living in England, Wales or the Isle of Man.  You must be the child’s parent or guardian.

Age 12 or over   :  You can get an NHS COVID Pass online if you’re aged 12 or over.

Age 13 or over  :  You can get an NHS COVID Pass using the NHS App if you’re 13 or over.