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Ely PCNs Covid Vaccination Weekly Update

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Hi everyone – time for another update of how we’re progressing with the vaccination programme.

Here are our latest stats:

  • Over 25,400 vaccines given so far from 15th Dec 2020 to 15th March 2021
  • Everyone in cohorts 1-9, i.e. those who are clinically vulnerable, OR are over the age of 50, has been invited at least once to book their vaccination, either by SMS (if we have a mobile for you on record), letter, or phone call.

ANYONE from Cohorts 1-9, who has not yet managed to book an appointment: please call your surgery for assistance.

SMS invites: We have heard of some SMS scams doing the rounds, so here is an example of a legitimate SMS message from us (NB – it will NEVER ask for payment or bank details):

SMS text invitation screenshot

If you receive an SMS invite to make an appointment with us, but you already have one booked with one of the National Centres, please cancel the invitation from us using the link in your text or by telephoning the surgery. This will ensure our telephone calls are kept to a minimum and we are not calling you unnecessarily.

For patients in other cohorts: please continue to wait for an invitation from us before contacting us. When we have appointments available we will be in touch by SMS, phone or letter. We know this is a stressful time for you while you wait and we are vaccinating as quickly as possible based on the deliveries we are allocated.

Astra Zeneca vaccine safety: At the moment the vast majority of our appointments are for the Astra Zeneca vaccine. We are very aware of the concerns being raised in some countries about the risk of blood clots associated with the Astra Zeneca vaccine. We would like to reassure you that we still have complete confidence in the safety of this vaccine.

In a review of all available safety data from over 17 million people vaccinated with AstraZeneca vaccine in UK and EU, there was no evidence of an increased risk of blood clots (DVT or pulmonary embolism) among people vaccinated with its vaccine.

The MHRA have released a statement advising that people should still go and get their COVID-19 vaccine when asked to do so, and EMA have also stated that there is no indication that the reported blood clots were caused by the AZ vaccine.

The WHO also say there is no evidence of a link between the vaccine and clots. See here for more information.

Zero tolerance: Unfortunately we have seen a rise in abusive behaviour by a small minority of patients towards our staff and volunteers of late. We do understand that, whatever your situation, this is a very stressful time for everyone. However, it really is no excuse for being rude or abusive towards the people who are trying to help you. Please remember that we are all human, doing our very best for you, following clear government guidelines, and trying to keep you all as safe as possible in the process. So – whether on the phone, on AskMyGP, or in person, please treat the team with the respect they deserve and you would like to be treated with yourself.


Once again, an enormous THANK YOU! to our amazing army of staff and volunteers, especially those who worked on Mother’s Day this past Sunday. Such commitment and selflessness is amazing and deeply appreciated.

And thank you again to the amazing local businesses who are continuing to show their appreciation for all the volunteer and staff by bringing tasty treats to keep them going on cold days. This week, special thanks to DS Smith for their generous goodie boxes they sent over to both Staploe and Cathedral Medical Centres. YUM!