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Ely PCNs Covid Vaccinations – Update 31 March

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Hi everyone! Hope you’re all enjoying this lovely and most welcome sunshine!
Your vaccinators are having a weekend off! While we wait for the Easter bunny to supply more vaccine, we are taking the opportunity to give a very well-earned break to our incredible team. Together we have given almost 34,000 vaccines, including almost 5,000 second doses since December. Wow! None of us can quite believe it, but we are also so pleased, and so proud.
We will be starting again in earnest after Easter with clinics for second doses.
If you are in cohorts 1-9 and still not had a first dose OR if you had your first dose on or before 4th February please contact your surgery AFTER Weds 7th April.
On second doses: we will invite you back (by SMS, call or letter) to book an appointment for your 2nd dose which will typically be 77-84 days after your first dose. You don’t need to call us unless we ask you to – we have your details and will invite you back at the right time.
We’d also like to make an extra special, extra LOUD THANK YOU to all our amazing team of 335 volunteers and staff, who together have racked up an astounding 11,500 hours to deliver these vaccines.
Thanks so much everyone, and have a wonderful restful Easter!