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Last call for Vaccines

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Join the 66,000+ other people in our area who have been vaccinated.

This is a final call for anyone who hasn’t yet had one or both COVID vaccinations.

Our clinics in Ely and Soham were one of the first vaccination centres in the Cambridge and Peterborough area to be set up in December last year.  We have worked with amazing team of volunteers, plus current and retired members of surgery staff from our six practices.  They have all put in extra hours during the week, evenings and weekends and it has been inspiring to have been part of this campaign.

We have been making amazing progress and, as a result, we hope to complete the vaccination programme for our area by mid-August.  After this time we may not get vaccine deliveries and you may need to travel further afield to mass vaccination sites for your second vaccination.

How to book your appointment:

  • If you’ve received a text message or a letter, follow the link or instructions and book that way.
  • You can also book to have your jabs at one of the mass vaccination sites.
  • If you are still waiting to be invited – call your surgery as the telephone information they have for you could be out of date.

If you do not wish to have the free lifesaving vaccination, do let your surgery know so  your choice can be recorded.

Having the vaccine will not only help protect yourself from possible very serious illness, you will help your family, friends and wider community keep safe.

Don’t forget it takes a couple of weeks for your immunity to build up, so it is important to keep going with the national COVID guidance.

Be aware of social distancing, wear your facemask and continue to practice good hand hygiene.

Vaccines save lives!

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