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SystmOnline Questionnaires

Once you have registered for your online account and have logged in, you will arrive at the SystmOnline Home page where you will find the sections on medications and records.

Questionnaires are found in the RECORDS section.  Only the Questionnaires relevant to your conditions will be visible to you – you will not be able to complete the “Asthma” questionnaire, if you do not have Asthma!

Once you have completed and submitted your Questionnaire it will be sent to one of our nurses who will review your answers.  You will then be contacted to discuss your responses and/or arrange further action (if required) before completing your annual review.

As we develop other Questionnaires, they will also be made available online.  We hope you find them a quick and convenient way to let us know how you are managing your condition with the added benefit of reducing the time spent in the surgery.

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Date published: 11th March, 2021
Date last updated: 29th March, 2021