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Patient survey and results

“How likely are you to recommend our GP Practice to your Friends and Family if they needed similar care or treatment?”

If you wish to comment on your treatment, please complete the Friends and Family test electronically on this website or complete a form in the waiting room and place in the designated box. We appreciate both positive and negative comments so that we can use the information to plan improvements to our service.

Thank you to all those patients who have taken their time to complete the form. We have received many comments and here are some examples ……….

smiley face“Reception and Dispensary staff are always helpful and courteous”

smiley face“Care received for myself and parents has generally been very good”

smiley face“I am a full-time carer and I get good support from the doctors”

smiley face“Nurse was so polite, helpful and friendly, really patient and lovely”

smiley face“I am really happy with all the work here – friendly surgery”

smiley face“Very impressed with the triage service I received this morning”


frowning face“Cannot get an appointment when needed”

frowning face“Never get an appointment and long waiting times”


2020 results

January 2020:      78 responses received:-

57 patients said “extremely likely”

14 patient said “likely”

2 patients said “neither likely nor unlikely”

2 patients said “unlikely”

1 patient said “extremely unlikely”

1 patient said “don’t know”


February 2020

57 patients said “extremely likely”

12 patients said “likely”

3 patients said “neither likely nor unlikely”

3 patients said “unlikely”

3 patients said “extremely unlikely”

2 patients said “don’t know”

Date published: 13th October, 2014
Date last updated: 11th March, 2021