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Other Health Professionals

We use a secure electronic health records system called SystmOne.  With your permission, we can share your full record held at this practice with other healthcare services who are providing care for you.  These other services will also ask your permission to view your record.

Many organisations use SystmOne including GP practices, out of hours services, children’s services, community services and some hospitals.  Sharing your health record will help us deliver the best level of care for you.  HOWEVER, in order for your record to shared, we must activate this option on at the practice.  If it is not turned on at the practice, your record can not be shared even if you would like it to be.

You have two choices to control how your record is shared.  You can change these choices at any time by letting the practice or individual service know.

Sharing OUT – This controls whether your information recorded at this practice can be shared with other healthcare services outside of the practice (eg District Nursing).

Sharing IN – This determines whether or not this practice can view information in your record that has been entered by other services, or who are seeing you now or in the future.

More information can be found in our NEW PATIENT LEAFLET.

Date published: 29th March, 2021
Date last updated: 29th March, 2021