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Summary Care Record – Additional Information

Patient groups who benefit most from including additional information in their SCR

  • patients planning for end of life, who can use SCRs to share information about their preferences, Lasting Power of Attorney and advance decisions
  • frail patients who can use SCR to give out of hours or emergency health care staff more complete information, making unwanted admission less likely
  • patients with long term conditions
  • patients eligible for flu vaccinations
  • those with dementia or learning disabilities
  • patients with physical, sensory or other disabilities, who can benefit from recording any specific needs, for example communication needs, so that health and care staff can make reasonable adjustments
  • non-English speakers
  • patients with carers whose details they want to share or who have appointed someone to have Health and Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney
  • patients with specific care preferences

Experts say:  “Continuity of information is a vital contributor to continuity of care and better outcomes. The ability to enrich Summary Care Records beyond medications, allergies and bad reactions mean that more and more relevant information from the GP practice will be potentially available wherever a patient is receiving treatment in the NHS. This will improve safe, effective care and contribute to a positive experience for patients.”

For more information please see our NEW PATIENT LEAFLET

Date published: 29th March, 2021
Date last updated: 29th March, 2021