Haddenham Surgery

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Clinical Waste

There are three different methods of disposing of your waste, depending on the type of waste:

Hygiene waste– non-infectious waste that can be collected via your normal black bin rubbish collections.

Nappies, (well drained) stoma bags, soiled bedding etc

Sharps only– if you are self-medicating, your sharps boxes containing hypodermic needles and syringes can be taken to a participating pharmacy.

Haddenham Pharmacy will take your sharps boxes

Clinical waste- this is waste which is infectious to humans and needs to be collected separately and incinerated via our clinical waste service.

This is waste which poses a threat of infection to humans.  The term also includes items such as surgical waste, used syringes, drugs or other pharmaceutical products.  For more information and an application form for waste collection please visit: East Cambs District Council website.