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Patient Support Group

Over the past year or so, especially during the periods of isolation, many people found pleasure in offering a little of their time to help others and certainly their help has been really appreciated.  We would like to build on this goodwill and are interested to see if there is enough support for us to start a Patient Support Group where those that could do with a bit of support can meet up with those who have a little spare time on their hands.

We plan to attend the Coffee Morning at the Methodist Church on Wednesday 13th October  date changed to either Monday 11th or Monday 18th October between 10am and 11.30am.  So whether you are a full time carer or just “might be” interested, all we ask is you come along to see us, have a coffee and a chat.  There will be more information in the Village Voice next month and of course here on our website, just type SUPPORT in the search box.