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Waiting Times – Addenbrooke’s Hospital

It will take time to bring hospital services back to the levels they were at before the pandemic.  This means that some patients will need to wait longer for appointments, tests and/or procedures than anyone would like.

Visit the Cambridge University Hospitals website for up to date information about waiting times.

Unfortunately, there is little that our GPs can do in these circumstances, but we would urge you to contact us if your symptoms change.

Current Waiting Times

Addenbrooke’s Hospital Updated March 2022 Service Current Wait Time Cardiology 54 weeks Dermatology 44 weeks Ear Nose and Throat 63 weeks Gastroenterology 27 weeks General Medicine 23 weeks General Surgery ... [continue] Current Waiting Times

Date published: 14th June, 2021
Date last updated: 11th August, 2021